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LEARN THE SOCCER BETTING SECRETS GUARANTEED TO PUT THE ODDS IN YOUR FAVOR It boasts the most fans of any pastime. But did you know soccer wagering is also more lucrative than any other sport? Now anyone can harness the profit-generating potential of global soccer betting with this exciting and easy-to-understand guidebook written for the American audience. In Simple Soccer, gambling and finance expert Leandro Faria demystifies the world of sports wagering for both soccer experts and neophytes alike - and shows you how to actually make money on the world's most popular game. Best of all, you'll have fun doing it. Inside Simple Soccer, you'll learn: - How to spot surefire bets (and unpredictable money-suckers) through a breakthrough six-stage filtering method; - The keys to betting successfully on national and international games; - Betting traps - such as wagering on the "spread" and "parlays" - to avoid at all costs; - The ins and outs of the complicated worldwide club and tournament network; - Why understanding national and regional rivalries can mean the difference between winning and losing a bet; - Much more! Lots of books claim to offer spectacular returns on sports betting, but end up just giving a lot of hot air. Only Simple Soccer provides an easy and straightforward program for guaranteed profits. Filled with real-life examples - and plenty of straight talk - Simple Soccer will help you achieve real results, right now.