Malaysian Laser During AFF Final in Bukit Jalil, Malaysia

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December 27, 2010

“In the first half, I saw beams of green light shining on the ball when I used to be preparing for a objective kick,” the 29-year-old told Markus Horison.

Indonesian Goalkeeper Muhammad Haris Maulana (Markus Horison) stated he was dazzled by green lasers shone by Malaysian fans at the Bukit Jalil Stadium in the coursework of Indonesia’s 3-0 loss to hosts Malaysia in the Suzuki Cup final First Leg in Kuala Lumpur,Sunday, 26th Dec 2010.

“The light forced me to turn my head away.”

“In the second half, I spotted the light came from fans behind the Malaysian objective since it shone directly in my face when I used to be saving the balls.”

“It is very hazardous & may cause eye injury,” he stated. “I can’t comprehend why they did it.”

He admitted that Malaysian fans had failed to uphold the spirit of fair play, setting off firecrackers on stages many times & shining the laser in the eyes of Indonesian players.

in the coursework of the game, the Coach of the Indonesia squad, Alfred Riedl, complained about the laser to match officials who merely promised to stop it.

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  • cute girl

    this’s prove of malaysian laser beam..

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      @cute girl:
      that picture is actually taken from here :