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January 19, 2011

Which young football fan would not be thrilled to appear at one of the greatest football stadiums in the world – in front of 75000 supporters of one of the world’s greatest clubs?  Old Trafford stadium has witnessed some of the best players of all time – Ronaldo, Rooney, Giggs, Cantona, Best, Law and Charlton – as well as some of the most memorable moments in football history. Now, imagine that there is a chance for young footballers to fulfill their wishes, not only to visit the Theatre of Dreams, but even to experience how it feels to play on the pitch!

World Skills Final

English language and Soccer camps, in association with Manchester United Soccer Schools, are programmes aimed at language and football skills improvement. It is an extraordinary summer camp where children from all over the world meet each other and make friendships for life. During two or four weeks, participants will work on their football skills under the supervision of highly qualified Manchester United Soccer Schools’ coaches and improve their English language skills with a British Council accredited language institution at the same time. Players are taught not only the latest football techniques used by the Manchester United Academy, but also about discipline, team spirit, fair play and even the club history – they learn to play “The United Way”.

This is not a scouting programme or a camp for elite players only. Any young player who wants to get better at soccer and improve their English language skills can join – but on each camp the overall best participant is selected to enter the special World Skills Final competition that takes place in Manchester in October 2011. At this event the participants will appear on the pitch at Old Trafford on a Barclay’s premier League match day and train at Carrington, the famous Manchester United training ground.

The competition that takes place on the camps consists of 4 technical disciplines:

Lofted pass

The first challenge is a demonstration of long pass accuracy. Each player has four balls placed on the start line. Each ball should be passed in to the target zone through the air, scoring the points it lands on the first bounce. The ball must be moved forward past the mannequin, and struck before it crosses the end line. The aim of the test is to score as many points as possible by passing the ball through the air to land on the mannequin in the centre of the target zone. Each player has four balls to pass in a time limit of 25 seconds. One ball can be played with the weak foot, which will score double points. Players do not have to use their weak foot but if they do they must indicate they are using their weak foot. (Distances differ according to age groups.)

lofted pass


The second discipline is a test of goal finishing. Two mannequins are placed as defenders. Each player must dribble the ball outside the mannequins, and strike across goal to the far post scoring zone. There are two shots for the right foot and two shots for the left foot. 50 points are scored for each successful shot completed in the 20 second time limit. Every finish should be struck firmly using the lace of the boot. (Distances differ according to age groups.)



Competitors’ third discipline examines dribbling qualities by diagonal run with a ball between mannequin figures placed in different distances. The aim of the test is to score as many points as possible by dribbling around as many mannequins as you can in 30 seconds. Each player scores 20 points fir every mannequin they go past. (Distances differ according to age groups.)


Short passing

Last challenge is a combination of handling a pass and immediate finishing in one of four areas on a square pitch. Each player has 30 seconds to start from cone 1, take the ball into the centre square, turn and pass the ball through the corresponding gate. This is then repeated with balls 2, 3 and 4. The challenge finishes when the player runs back to complete the course past cone 1, or 30 seconds has elapsed. The player scores 50 points for every successful pass through the passing gates. If the player scores 4 successful passes and finishes within 30 seconds of each other they will score 10 extra points for each second they are below this time. Bonus points are only awarded to players who score in all 4 gates. (Distances differ according to age groups.)

short passing

Final at Old Trafford

Manchester United Soccer Schools camp prepares its trainees for real match situations which can be also useful when competing in World Skill Final. It is a competition between 20 most technically sophisticated youngsters that takes place at the legendary Old Trafford stadium, home of Manchester United Football Club. These young players will have a lifetime opportunity to demonstrate their skills in a halftime break of Premier League match, in front of all fans of crowded Old Trafford stadium. This year, Arnors Gauti Brynjolfsson, an 11 years old youngster from Iceland succeeded in competition with 19 other finalists and eventually became 2010 World Skills Final winner. “I didn’t expect to win, I hoped I might, but it’s an amazing feeling,” said talented Icelandic football player. “ – he says right after the winning.

final at old trafford

Arnors Gauti Brynjolfsson, 11 years old 2010 World Skills Final winner from Iceland

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