Bursa coach Sağlam adopts Barca model

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January 16, 2011

Ertuğrul Sağlam is the name behind a second Anatolian revolution in Turkish football for making Bursaspor the champions last season.

Ertuğrul Sağlam

Bursa coach Sağlam adopts Barca model
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Ertuğrul Sağlam, the coach of reigning champion Bursaspor, has set his sights on greater heights.
Ertuğrul Sağlam is the name behind a second Anatolian revolution in Turkish football for making Bursaspor the champions last season.

His name went down in history after he carried his team to the top of the league, leaving giant-budgeted teams Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray and Beşiktaş behind. His success also paved the way for Turkish coaches to come into fashion again. His success has had an undisputable impact based on the fact that 16 teams out of the 18 in the top domestic league are today coached by Turks.

The defending champion currently stands in second place, trailing Trabzonspor at the winter break of the Spor Toto Super League, while they were eliminated in their first European Champions League campaign.

Determined to maintain their success in the domestic league and participate in the Champions League again, coach Sağlam prefers the Barcelona model — bringing up his own players from junior and youth teams — over Real Madrid’s, transferring superstar footballers every year. “I find being like Barcelona more right. We actually have a similar system. We have 12 players from the youth team. We add young players like Serdar Aziz and İsmail Aktan in addition to other youths such as Sercan Yıldırım, Bekir Ozan and Volkan Şen to the squad. We cannot make a whole squad out of the youth team, but we want to become a team that is fed mostly by its youth teams,” Sağlam told Sunday’s Zaman in Antalya, where they continue training for the season’s second half.

Bursaspor kept their champion squad from last season and are now eyeing the season’s second half to get to the top again. The Bursa team is now five points behind leader Trabzonspor and four points ahead of third place holder Fenerbahçe.

Trailing the top silently, Sağlam does not complain about lack of interest in Bursaspor and said he does not seem to mind when people do not consider them to be one of the strongest candidates for the title. “It is said that public opinion doesn’t show us the interest we deserve. But actually I am fine with that. Being behind is an advantage for us. While everybody is competing with each other, we can leap forward silently. When they realize it, it will already be too late,” he says, adding that his players do not mind not being recognized as one of the strongest title candidates either.

The successful coach thinks the title race will take place between five teams, including his team, in the season’s second half. “As the leader, Trabzonspor seems to be the team with the biggest advantage. Despite falling nine points behind, Fenerbahçe is in the race too, in my opinion. Kayseri and Beşiktaş will also run for the title until the end,” he says. Sağlam estimates that the excitement will remain until the end of the season and no team will have an easy victory.

Sağlam’s Bursa won the title race last season, becoming the second non-İstanbul, aka Anatolian, team to be the champion after Trabzonspor, which have not finished the league on the top since 1984. Ending the reign of İstanbul teams in the Super League is very important for Sağlam, who says every Turkish coach dreams of winning the championship with an Anatolian team. “I enjoyed this big honor. Of course, it laid responsibilities on me. First of all, I want to make this success steady, stable. To this end, we work more than last season with my team,” he said.

Sağlam’s future plans are mainly focused on Bursaspor and making them a topflight European team. “My biggest goal is to coach Bursaspor for many years. I also aim to coach a team in Europe. I say this all the time. But now, I am putting this target aside. My aim is to turn Bursaspor into a topnotch European team,” he notes. “If we make the right transfers, we will make a better team. Besides, Bursa is a total football city. We have a new stadium project. When such projects are launched, I think, Bursaspor will be an important team in Europe,” he adds.

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